In addition to all fees being paid in full prior to August 1, the following documents are required to be completed and in our files before any participant may practice. There are no exceptions to these requirements:

  • 2017 Player Contract
    Participant Contract & Parental Consent Form signed by parent & participant
  • 2017 Physical Form
    Physical Fitness & Medical History Form signed by a Physician after January 1st of current calendar year Physical Fitness & Medical History Form signed by parent & participant
  • Original or certified copy of Birth Certificate – plain copies are NOT acceptable
  • Report Card showing all 4 quarters of school year  (copies are acceptable)

Other than the report card, original documents are required.  These documents are placed in notebooks for each team and are a part of the certification process. All documents are carefully kept and protected.

Birth certificates may be picked up at the end of season.  All other documents are shredded.

Our refund policy is: : $100.00 is non-refundable, No refunds at all after August 15th . We reserve the right to eject parents and/or players who do not abide by our rules and regulations.

All participants in AYF are required to meet certification requirements.  These include documents, scholastics, age and weight certifications.  All participants are issued a Pop Warner identification card. This ID card,  along with the required documents travel with the association to every game.  There are no try-outs in AYF, however; Football players are required to meet certain Age and Weight Requirements for placement on teams.  All associations are required to adhere to a general certification date, ( TBA-Football, TBA-Cheer), and are required to log in a certified team roster on the Friday before game day.

Players not in compliance with all certification requirements – ID cards,  documents, equipment, weight,  will not be allowed to participate in that day’s game.    This is not a Titans rule, but rather a AYF requirement.

Important note about the ID cards – NO player/cheer will participate without an ID card.  Again, the dates for ID cards to be made for 2017 are TBA for Football and TBA for Cheer.  If you miss the date for your ID card it will be your responsibility to attend a make-up session, which may occur on a practice night resulting in your child missing that practice, and may or may not occur before the first game – TBA.   Please make every attempt to be at certification!

All football participants are REQUIRED to complete 10 hours of “conditioning” practice.  This is practice without protective pads and is non-contact.  Attire is t-shirt, gym shorts, cleats and helmets.  Any hours missed during this time must be made up before the player is allowed to wear equipment.  In an effort to complete this requirement and keep us competitive with teams in our Association,  Conditioning Practice for 2017 is TBA August . Evening practice time is 6pm-8:30pm.  No exceptions – any conditioning hours that are missed must be made up prior to a player wearing protective equipment.



To be determined and confirmed by August 1st.

Practice Days are Monday Tuesday and Thursday from 6p-8:30p.  When school begins practice time ends at 8:00pm.   We make every attempt to stay on schedule for these days however inclement weather (both heat and lightning) as well as school events (orientations/open houses) may alter this schedule and result in practice being scheduled for a Wednesday and/or Friday evening or before the game season starts, a Saturday morning.

Coaches explain their own expectations about missed practices.  Generally, a player who misses two practices a week will not participate in Saturday’s game.

It is not uncommon for the youngest teams, Flag & Tiny Mite, to have altered schedules, such as ending times that are earlier than 8:00/8:30, or a night off.  This is in the total discretion of the Coach and is on a per-team basis. You will be advised of any changes to your schedule when the season begins.

Coaches may determine a “light day” practice, which will be practice with helmets only, t-shirts, gym shorts and cleats.  Your player will be advised of a light practice day.

We practice in the rain and we practice in the cold!   We do not practice if the heat index is unhealthy or if there is lightning in the area.

There may be days when practice is delayed, called off early or cancelled entirely.

If you question the weather check the website first.  We will make every attempt to post information there by 5:15.   We will also post on facebook and will attempt a mass email distribution.  

We will know about heat index by mid-afternoon.  Obviously we cannot predict late afternoon  lightning/thunderstorms. We ask for your understanding about these cancellations. 

After dates are confirmed, they will be added to the Events Calendar on this website

Football Conditioning  Practice TBA

Football Jamboree/Scrimmage Day @ Titans Field  August  – all day, youngest teams will play first

Football Certification Day @ Titans Field August  – all day, youngest teams first

Picture Day (Football & Cheer)  August  – schedule TBA, tentatively youngest teams earliest

Cheer Jamboree @ Oak Ridge Field August  – all day, schedule TBA,  youngest teams earliest

1st Game  TBA


Equipment will be issued when all fees and all documents have been turned in.  No player will be allowed on the field for any practice if fees are not paid or if there are outstanding documents.

To insure the return of our equipment we require a “deposit check” that will be held in our file during the season.  The check will not be negotiated if all equipment is returned in good condition, normal wear and tear excepted.

Equipment Hand Out Dates:

Football players are issued the following the following equipment:

Helmet with chin strap

1 Mouthpiece *yours to keep-Additional mouthpieces may be purchased at Titans Store

Shoulder Pads

7 piece pad set


Practice Pants

Game Pants

1 Belt

Game Socks*yours to keep

Jersey with name and number* yours to keep

You will need to purchase your own cleats – NO METAL TIPS. Participants with metal tip cleats or worn down tips will not pass certification(before each game)  and will not be allowed to play.  Please don’t let this happen to your player. To keep cleats in good shape it is recommended that they not be worn on concrete surfaces.

Practice attire is everything above except game pants, game jersey and game socks.  Large t-shirts or mesh jerseys (anything large enough to fit over shoulder pads) will be worn at practice. You may purchase mesh practice jerseys at the Titans store or at a local sports store.   You may also choose to purchase a different style of mouthpiece, a chip strap,  a protective cup, a girdle or practice pants, also available at local sports stores.  A limited number of practice pants will be available for purchase at the Titans store.   Integrated pants (those with pads sewn inside) are acceptable.


Equipment will be issued when all fees and all documents have been turned in.  No player will be allowed on the field for any practice if fees are not paid or if there are outstanding documents.

To insure the return of our equipment we require a “deposit check” that will be held in our file during the season.  The check will not be negotiated if all equipment is returned.

Uniform Sizing/ Hand Out Dates:


All home games and practices are at our field behind Southwest Elementary School, 1631 Southwest School Road.  There are bleachers on both the home and visitor’s side and lots of space for your chairs and canopies.  There is a dirt track around the parameter of the field for walking and jogging.

Our field house has a boy’s equipment room, girl’s equipment room, announcer’s booth and concession kitchen serving hot food and snacks.

Parking is available in the school lot in front of the field.  Additional parking is available in the bus lot until school begins.

We share the space!  As our field is WSFCS property, events at Southwest Elementary, and sometimes the West Forsyth High School Track Team have first priority over our use of the field.   This rarely causes conflicts as we are advised (and you will be to) of any re-scheduled practice nights due to these functions.

Please help us be good neighbors and good stewards of the property!

We communicate through mass e-mail distribution, our website and Facebook.  You will receive general information in mass distribution.  You will receive information specific to your team from a Coach or Team Parent.

For weather related cancellations, we will use the website.  If the weather is questionable (heat index, lightning storms) please check there first.  As best to our ability information will be posted by 5:15.  We will also make posts on Facebook and when possible will forward mass distribution about cancellations.

Practice season begins TBA.

Our game season begins with the first game on August 31st.  Regular game season is 8 games, generally 4 home games and 4 away games.  Away games include locations in Greensboro, High Point, Davidson County and W-S area teams.  Occasionally older aged teams may travel to the Raleigh or Charlotte area.

The PYFCL makes every attempt to schedule all teams together in one location, however; as there are associations that don’t have some levels of teams, this may not be possible on every game day.

Season Game schedule will be available in mid-July.  Generally youngest teams play first, around the 9 o’clock hour.  Games are scheduled approximately 1 ½ hours apart.  Coaches usually request players to be at game locations 1½  to 2 hours prior to game start. This allows time for light practice as well as weight and equipment certifications. Your coach will specifically advise your team of arrival times.

Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Midget and Sr. Midget teams that have winning seasons will participate in local playoff games with the possibility of advancing to Regionals and beyond.  There are no playoff games for the Tiny Mite or Mitey Mite levels. This does not apply to cheerleading.

Bowl Game opportunities are offered at the end of regular season play.  These are fun “friendly competition” games that players look forward to each season.  More information about bowl games as it becomes available.

Expect to pay a gate admission at most fields of at least $2.00 per person (not participants.)  Some Associations may make exceptions for young children.  For Home games ONLY each participant will be issued 4 wristbands good for admission. These will be distributed on Thursday evenings by the Team Parent.  It is your responsibility to obtain your wristbands.  No exceptions will be made on game day.


As a non-profit, volunteer based business, fundraising is a vital part of keeping our organization running.  We will kick off our 2017 fundraiser at the Info Meeting on TBA.  Watch for more details about this in the next few days.  Families will have the option of participating in the fundraising event or paying an opt-out fee.   There will be several smaller fundraising opportunities offered through-out the season (raffles, restaurant nights, etc.)

Cheerleaders may expect to participate in fundraisers in addition to the main organization’s fundraisers as we are trying to raise money to purchase new uniforms and equipment.


We are a non-profit volunteer based organization!   We rely on the time talent and dedication of our families to be a success. On home game days, approx  6-7 volunteers are need from each team to run field operations and work in our concessions.  Away games require 3-4 volunteers from each team for field operations. There are numerous ways for you to be involved from working in our store, gate admissions, concessions, grounds, team parents, fundraising, scholastics, equipment etc.   There are also positions available on our Board of Directors.  Volunteer assignments are managed by a Team Parent Coordinator and the Board of Directors.   Please be in touch!  Some of our volunteer opportunities will require a volunteer application and background check.

Each team has a Parent Volunteer that will assist in organization and communications between the Association, coaches and parents.  They coordinate volunteer schedules and assist with fundraising, collection of documents, picture day and distribution of game day attire.  They also organize and coordinate social activities specific to their team.

For the 2017 season no team money will be collected!  In lieu of this vouchers may be purchased from the concession stand for players to use at any time during the season and for snacks after their games. Team Parents will meet with each team to determine the interest level  of families volunteering to provide a half time snack, after game snack and/or collecting funds for end of season trophies and parties.

Pep Rally – our annual Pep Rally is generally a Friday night in early September before a West Forsyth game. We have food and games and cheer  at our field and then gather as a group and walk to the West game. Our football players participate in a “run-on” on the field and our cheerleaders cheer with the West cheerleaders.

Alumni/Homecoming Day – plans are in the works for a celebration of our 49th anniversary!

Pink-Out – In honor of Breast Cancer awareness, we will be participating in a National Pink Out in October 2017.